The Fastest, Most Powerful Video Marketing Tool Set on the Planet.

MeBox is more than just a video player.  

It’s a sales machine. We make it easier for your customers to purchase whatever product or service you’re selling. MeBox takes the time and frustration out of trying to navigate your website – this encourages your customers to do more with the information you shared in your video.

We understand that you spend days or even months putting together the best video – one that shows exactly what’s most important about the benefits of your products or services. MeBox takes it from just great video to big links at the side, top or bottom of the video saying “Hey! Do you like this?  Well click here and we’ll bring you right to the product you’re looking at!” or “Do you want more information? Well here’s everything you need to know in one convenient place!”. Plus, when your customer wants to finish the video we’ll save their place.

MeBox makes it easy for your customers to take action now.  That means more a better experience, deeper engagement,  and more sales.  

We deliver unparalleled video experiences to the customers of some of the most demanding and innovative brands on earth. These brands have one goal – business results – and MeBox delivers business results better than any player on the planet; whether it be video for businesses, bloggers, or educators.

Companies that integrate MeBoxed videos with our Marketing Automation and Sales Follow-up Processes increase their revenue by at least 200% within the first 6 months!

If you’re asking yourself, “What’s the catch?” – there isn’t one.  It’s all about the process, tools and training.

The Process

The process focuses on putting your message in front of qualified, interested prospects and providing them with a short, powerful, interactive “AHA! Moment” that delivers the “My Gosh!” of your product or service.  But “My Gosh!” can be a fleeting experience – so we make it a “My Gosh! I Gotta Take Action Now!” encounter.

The Tools

We combine our interactive video-based selling machine with prospecting/marketing/sales automation systems that deliver ready-to-take-action prospects to your salespeople in real time.

The Training

Some organizations have energetic, process oriented, high performance sales people that simply need better tools to get a consistent flow of prospects – and they do the rest.  Other companies need a little help. Other companies need a little help.  That’s when we step up.

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If your interested in creating amazing, powerful video stories then check out this proven video production course!  

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