Community Design -

This Is What Authority-Based Businesses Need to Scale Their Impact On the World

If authority-based businesses want to grow, they need to attract and keep more paying community members.

It's not as simple as assuming your current community members will just stick with you. You need to work hard at keeping community members, while at the same time, promoting and attracting new members.

We Want To Show You How To Design A Community For Your Authority-Based Business

Community Design

Has your business designed a community?

Better question: Do you even know why “community design” is important? In case you don’t, here’s why...

Global Authority-Based Businesses Struggle With Achieving Sustainable, Long-Term Growth. The key to growing an authority-based business is to design and lead a community.

In other words, a well-designed community allows you to sell by leading...without selling. Leading a community means you are an expert...the secret is to be an authority - to be trusted - and to lead...not sell.

More importantly....

Community Design allows you to own your community - to dominate the category.

To build membership that wants to be part of a meaningful community.

The Process...

The fact is, most businesses have some sort of “community”. And if your not waking up worrying about what’s going on in your community – YOU SHOULD BE.

This is where Community Design comes in.

You and your team will learn how to architect, build and lead an authority-based business that scales your impact on the world.  You'll know how to achieve sustainable long-term growth where members are more valuable, and stay in the community, yet are less expensive to acquire.  Read that again because it's important.


Authority-based businesses must design a community.

The reason to build a community?

Simple: People follow authorities for content...but they stay for community.

All authority-based businesses have customers crying out for expertise, collaboration and creative interactions with other users. A well designed community allows members to connect with each other. A community where members interact more with each other will position your authority business as a category leader.

To Sum It Up: People follow authorities for the content. But they stay for the community. What most authorities fail to embrace is that if you don't consciously design the community, your members will leave you for another community.

If You Master Community Design: your authority-based business will be unstoppable, you'll find and keep more members...the members will stay longer, be more valuable to you and each other, and be a catalyst for sustainable, long-term growth.  You will know how to - and have an action plan for scaling your (or your client's) impact on the world.


Community Design is not a fad, theory or re-make of the same old branding stuff.

We're business owners - legitimate authorities in our fields - and we tried the traditional marketing approaches. But those approaches didn't deliver the returns or growth we dreamed of. So, if we wanted our dreams to come true, we needed to do things differently...not better/faster/cheaper...we needed to do things DIFFERENT.

Our Solution: we Designed Communities - and now we lead them. We are actually doing this stuff...And you can too...

We built this process to train our team members. It works so well that we HAVE to share it - its too important and valuable to keep it to ourselves.

We designed a community of like minded people who want to scale their impact on the world...and we're now making this process available to the world...we're making it available to YOU.


If authority-based businesses want to grow, they need to attract and keep more paying community members.


It's not as simple as assuming your current members will just stick with you. You need to work hard at keeping members, while at the same time, promoting and attracting new members.

So how does this all work?

STEP 1: Fill Out The Information Form

We need to get to know you so that we are sure that, working together, we'll be successful!

STEP 2: Let's Get To Know Each Other

Let's go Wide and Deep - What do you really have to offer the world and why should it care?  What makes you tick? What job does your audience REALLY want to accomplish?  Why would anyone consider you an authority?  

Let's dig in and see what its going to take to design and build your community.

STEP 3: We All Go to Work

Everyone involved gets it.  It's time to go through the process.  We've agreed on the goals, defined the phases and have a budget.  Time to knock it out of the park.

Sounds like your kinda process?

Hell yeah baby!

community design - I'm In!


Authority-Based Business Growth through Community Design

Before MeBox, authority-based businesses used a membership model that took a long time to generate a return from each member - or worse yet, never grew revenue or profit.

Now, with MeBox's Community Design Process, authority-based businesses acquire new community membership at a profit. They grow their revenue and keep more profit from each member.

This isn't a quick fix. It requires skill, testing, reporting and hard work. Its for businesses that want to build a long-term growth plan and stick to it. Turning their authority membership business into a profitable and scalable enterprise.

This is how authority-based businesses scale their impact on the world

Community Growth

discover Community Design

What You're About to Discover

  • The job your market wants to accomplish...and how to help them get that job done in a way that fits their wants.
  • How to help your customers get "from" one place "to" a better place. 
  • How to craft a customer Avatar so that you can understand where to find and how to communicate with your ideal customer.
  • How your point of view is different and why it matters to your prospects and customers.
  • How to create content that positions you as an authority.
  • What category you will dominate.
  • How to write a sales letter that appeals to prospects and helps them convert.
  • How to set up and run a funnel that will drive interested prospects into your funnel and convert them into paying members.
  • What the "big win" is that your customers want to experience.
  • What the six milestones are that your customer must pass in order to achieve their big win.
  • What the tasks for reaching reach those milestones is.
  • How to create valuable course exercises and worksheets.
  • How to hone your core offer.
  • How to design, plan and produce video courses and content.
  • How to promote your content.
  • How to create light bulb moments that people will download when they are visiting your website and in exchange for their email address.
  • Where to sell your course and to whom.
  • How to connect with, manage and encourage members who are consuming your course content.
  • How to build a private mastermind group where all your course and other customers can engage with each other - and through their engagement cement your position as an authority.
  • How to nurture and manage your email list (even though it's considered a one-way communication channel - which it isn't)
  • The massive added benefit of producing live webinar content for your customers, leads and cold visitors.
  • How to create an open group which not only acts as a second prospect list but also allows you to reach out to people who aren't ready to invest yet.
  • How to organize and fill the ultimate community gathering - the live event - the reward for your course members.
Community Design Plan

Process Details and Description

Phase 1: Will community design work for you?

  1. What is the real job people want done when they buy from you?
  2. Would an authority on accomplishing that job attract an audience?
  3. Can the Authority do the job differently enough that the audience would see the approach as a preferred process?
  4. Can the process grow enough in value over time that users will stay engaged and work at getting more value from the process?

Phase 2: Discover customer wants

Deep insights into what your customer wants opens the door to unlimited success. In this lesson we learn how to "feed the ghost" that is haunting your customer - the ghost that they may not see but you know is there.

  1. Define the market by the job to be done
  2. Understand what the market wants
  3. From/to
  4. Business purpose and vision
  5. Customer avatar

Phase 3: Claim your Category

Clearly articulating the problem in a way that opens your customers' eyes to the magic of doing things differently - and creates a space in their mind that you're Number 1.

  1. Point of view
  2. 2 x 10 Expert grid
  3. Category definition
  4. Write a sales letter
  5. Action plan

Phase 4: Create a course 

There are a variety of options when it comes to marketing tactics, but one of the best investments isn’t in social media, billboards, or websites, but instead in education. In this lesson we learn how to build the courses that clearly prove that you are the Number 1 authority and build the platform that we will use to scale the business.

  1. The big win
  2. 6 milestones
  3. Milestone tasks
  4. Creating exercises
  5. Course scripting
  6. Video production

Phase 5: Investment levels 

Earning the trust of your audience so that they want to join the community starts with being helpful. Once audience members recognize how helpful participation is to achieving their personal vision of their future they want to invest with you in order to realize that future. In this lesson we learn how to earn trust and align with our audience's aspirations for their future.

  1. Content calendar and publishing schedule
  2. Promotion and sharing
  3. Funnel building
  4. Traffic content
  5. Lightbulb moments
  6. Course offer
  7. Core offer

Phase 6: Community structure

Members join for content - but stay for community. In this lesson we learn how to structure the community to maximize the participation of community members - and grow the community.

  1. Course members
  2. Private mastermind group
  3. Email list
  4. Live webinars
  5. Open group
  6. Squeeze page
  7.  Live events


Let's Get Started - Grow Your Authority-Based Business with Community Design

Hey, if you're a real live authority, they'll love you

Grow with Community Design

About your instructors


Hey there, Mike and Mark here. We've been at the center of some of the most amazing, profitable communities on the net.  But we won't kid you - its been a journey learning how to do community design.  (One that no one should have to re-create on their own!)  

Our communities have centered on science, software, professional skills that aren't taught in school, how to advance your career, how to protect your family's health, and how to improve your businesses profitability.

All we have ever wanted is for real authorities - people with real expertise and killer products - to be able to scale their positive influence on the world.  

Oh yeah - before we forget - if you get into this and find out its not for you - or that we aren't living up to our promise to help you scale - we'll give you your money back.  We want one thing and one thing only - to build a community of authorities that are, in their own way, changing the world for the better!

Mark Jacobs