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Community is how you keep your members happy.

community design membership business funnel kristina romero

I interviewed Kristina Romero from RockStar Empires and KRMD on her advice for course and membership based business. This is what she had to say. What’s your experience with membership businesses? I’ve built quite a few membership websites, with my company KRMD Designs, which is like a web development company. I’ve done a lot for…

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Not spending money HERE might just be killing your business.

spend money promote membership business

One of the biggest problems that businesses face, is getting in front of enough people that are INTERESTED in your products. That doesn’t just mean new leads or prospects, this could be current customers too. The truth is that you NEED to spend money on promotion.  We’ve got some of the best articles on the…

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How to write the perfect profile.

How to write the perfect profile Profiles are like all copy, particularly copy that is online. We all want a profile that shows off our best benefits and shows us in a good light.  But how do you start and what do you write about? The key to ALL copy is three simple rules. Follow…

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Designing the perfect home page.

The problem with most home pages Most home pages for any website, are an absolute mess.  The home page is the most over designed and underutilized area on most websites. The problem is that people feel they need to get everything they can on an index page.  We all hear about search engine optimisation (SEO),…

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