Community design

Are you the kind of leader that can lead a category leader?

After reading this blog you’ll know if you have the skills and ability to lead a catagory leader…and what actions to take if you aren’t. The Basics Community Design’s sole pupose is to establish and perpetuate Catagory Leadership. The core skill for the CEO of a Catagory Leader is Community Leadership. The immutable truth about…

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How course-based businesses find more customers

content funnel marketing online course

I want to show you how MeBox is currently helping course-based businesses to find more customers find more members, increase sales and increase their conversion rates. Typically we have a course for example and it might be on your own learning management system. It might be on our learning management system, you might have it on…

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8 ways your membership business is vulnerable (and you can lose members)

Membership business can be vulnerable to multiple failures during their operation. If your membership business isn’t protected you’re risking member retention and revenue. Taking your website, members and platform for granted is a dangerous strategy. Especially when your revenue depends on so many operation points working. If even a single one of this 8 points…

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Should you focus on finding members or keeping members?

find or keep members community design

Should your membership business focus on finding more customers? Or should you focus on keeping the ones you have? When we run a membership business, particularly those with courses and online content, it can be tough to see members sign up and then drop off. So what’s going wrong? At MeBox we’re often asked two…

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