The Most Valuable Email Marketing Tip You’ll Get

March 26, 2019

Email marketing offers businesses an opportunity to reach a large portion of their target market relatively inexpensively. It’s quick and easy – just draft your email, select everyone on your list, and send it off. Then you sit back and wait for the campaign to start showing results.

At least, that’s the way that most businesses approach email marketing. And while it seems to be a reasonable strategy at first glance, it’s a fatally flawed one for one simple reason – not everyone on your list is going to have the same needs, problems, or aspirations.

And as any first-year marketing student learns, marketing is only effective if you can appeal to a particular need or pain point within your market. That middle-aged married woman with three kids has a very different outlook to a young, single, up and coming exec. Trying to appeal to these two very different people with one email dilutes the message that you’re trying to get across to both.

You might get lucky and interest some of the people on your list with a generic email, but the results will reflect your overall lack of effort. As you’ll see from the infographic below, you’ll get far better results if you segment your list beforehand and send out a more personalized message.

The most important thing that you can do to boost the success of each campaign is to find a way to segment your subscriber list. What subsegments can you come up with to group like clients together?

There are many different options here. You could group people according to past purchases, according to age group, actually any demographic that makes sense to you. The key is making sure that you have definable target persona that you can create a more directed message for.

Think about each group and figure out which product mix makes sense for them. What points can you use to sell your product to them? Both the exec and the mom could, for example, be interested in the same tablet, but for different reasons.

If you can determine what these reasons are, you can explain to your prospect why your product is perfect for them. And that’s marketing gold right there.

Guest Blogger:  Alexander Slichnyi, Community Manager, 99Firms
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