How to Turbocharge Your Online Sales Success – Our Sales Before Traffic Tactic

March 14, 2018

If you want an online presence that gets more qualified traffic (traffic that is there to buy from you) read on!

The Problem

Almost all of the companies that we take on as clients start out with this misconception: online marketing will provide them with the magic gateway to scale.  You can almost hear their bubble burst when we assure them that their online presence only turbocharges the real-world interest in their products and services…and we need to start in the real world.

The Process

We have a proven process for preparing a product or service to scale – it’s called Community Design and you can read all about that here .  That process starts in the real world by asking the question: Will Community Design Work for You?   The answer to that question informs the rest of the Community Design process.

We get answers to the “Will Community Design Work for You?” question by going on research calls with the client where we engage in an exercise that we’ve named “Go Wide and Go Deep”.  What’s really amazing about this first step in the Community Design Process – you’ll like this – is that our research process usually surfaces the first sales!

The Process Is Built Around This Premise

Think about the last time you purchased something that was going to help your business.  Did you go online and research it before contacting the seller? (Of course you did!) By the time that you were talking to the seller, did you need a “pitch” or were you more interested in learning how the product or service would fit what you wanted?

Our point of view is that you are more helpful to your prospect/community if you clearly understand their aspirations – so that you can help them determine if you’re the right fit, and why.  The only way to achieve that level of helpfulness is to know your buyer and their aspirations.

The more helpful you know how to be to your buyer, the better your chances for building an online process that speaks to the wants (aspirations) of that buyer – and community.  Scaling is directly correlated to:

  • How effective you are at being helpful,
  • How efficient you are at building trust,
  • How likable you are while helping the online visitor see and experience that they will get what they want by buying from you.

Said another way: Scaling is a process of earning the right to receive sales through helpfulness, trust and likeability.  (Subtle but powerful.)

To get your hands on the process just download it below. (We ask for your e-mail and name so that we can send you more stuff that you’ll find valuable – in hopes that we’ll earn the right to sell you something – like joining our community!)

What We’ve Learned by Using Go Wide and Go Deep

  1. The whole Community Design Process breaks down unless the customer’s voice is heard up front. We’ve watched entrepreneurs fill up whiteboards with brilliant thinking that sounded awesome – and when we went to customers to share this awesome brainiac talk they looked at us like we had just morphed into a blob of bullshit. Don’t go pitch – go listen and build trust.
  2. Some entrepreneurs are so in love with their view of the world that is doesn’t matter what the customer says – because the entrepreneur is not there to help…they are there to sell. If you aren’t there to help Community Design will NEVER work for you.
  3. Some entrepreneurs are so in love with their pitch that they don’t want to hear what the customer has to say – unless it’s “Yes”. If collaboration (which to us means that you go to the Go Wide and Go Deep session with your best thinking done, with the commitment to listen to the customer and see if better thinking can come out of the conversation) isn’t your strong suit then you probably aren’t going to arrive at the formula for scaling your business.
  4. Sometimes the information that is collected is “right” for that customer – but wrong for the customer that is right for the business. We get into that in the Customer Avatar part of the Community Design process.
  5. The entrepreneurs that we work with are typically experts in their chosen areas – but they have not graduated to Authority. How the entrepreneur uses this exercise tells us whether the expert has the emotional intelligence (social skills, self-awareness, maturity, empathy and personal vision) to be an Authority.

Next Steps

Download the Go Wide and Go Deep Guide.  There are blanks that you need to fill in before you set an appointment with your customer/prospect – so take time to think through what the questions are that need to go in those blanks.  If you get stuck – drop us a note and let’s talk through the guide together.


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