How To Become an Authority-Based Business

January 31, 2018

Have you decided that you want to move beyond expert and become an Authority (and from there grow a business)?

Here’s how to achieve that.  But be forewarned – it’s not the same old stuff you’ve read before.  What you’ve read in the past is what experts do to prove that they’re expert.  We’re going to show you how to become an Authority.

The Problem

We work with a lot of people who are really smart – in fact most of them are expert at what they do – but they’ve not earned the right to be an Authority.

As you may recall from one of our previous blogs, What’s an Authority-Based Business?, we offered this definition:

Authority (əˈTHôrədē/)

  1. power to influence thought, enthusiasm, opinion, or behavior to the benefit of others
  2. an individual that has unique and deep knowledge about how to do a job differently – that provides an upshot to people’s lives.

The Process – Community Design

The process of earning the right to be an authority starts with the disciplines of expertise: deep knowledge of your subject matter and/or products, providing helpful information to your target audience—content that appeals to their wants, needs, and challenges, and doing work that earns you a reputation as trustworthy.

To earn the title of Authority means that you have discovered a unique way to do a job differently – that provides an upshot to people’s lives, and have the mannerisms and deep knowledge that you can use to design a community around that Authority.

So how do we do Community Design?  Here are the cliff notes:

Phase 1: Determine if Community Design work for you?

  1. What is the real job people want done when they buy from you?
  2. Would an authority on accomplishing that job attract an audience?
  3. Can the Authority do the job differently enough that the audience would see the approach as a preferred process?
  4. Can the process grow enough in value over time that users will stay engaged and work at getting more value from the process?

Phase 2: Discover customer wants

Deep insights into what your customer wants (as differentiated from what you think they need!) opens the door to unlimited success. In this phase we “feed the ghost” that is haunting your customer – the ghost that they may not see but you know is there.

Phase 3: Claim your Category 

Clearly articulating the problem in a way that opens your customers’ eyes to the magic of doing things differently – and creates a space in their mind that you’re Number 1.

Phase 4: Create a course

There are a variety of options when it comes to marketing tactics, but one of the best investments isn’t in social media, billboards, or websites, but instead in education. In this phase we build the courses that clearly prove that you are the Number 1 authority and build the platform that we will use to scale the business.

Phase 5: Investment levels 

Earning the trust of your audience so that they want to join the community starts with being helpful. Once audience members recognize how helpful participation is to achieving their personal vision of their future they want to invest with you in order to realize that future. In this phase we earn trust and align with our audience’s aspirations for their future.

Phase 6: Community structure 

Members join for content – but stay for community. In this phase we determine the type and structure of the community to maximize the participation of community members – and grow the community. (See more about the types of communities in our upcoming blog – “What’s the Right Kind of Community for Your Authority-Based Business?”)

Do’s and Don’ts

Most of our experts get lost defining the real job people want done (the very first step of Phase 1!).  So don’t do anything until that job is clearly defined.  That job will point to the category – which is the space that you create, own, and where you are the Authority.  Once that’s done, and only once that’s done then follow the remaining phases.  Those phases point to when the more traditional “15 Steps To Becoming an Authority” should be undertaken.  Here are those steps:

  1. Write a Book
  2. Publish Articles
  3. Host a Blog
  4. Build a Social Media Following
  5. Create a YouTube Channel
  6. Become a Professional Speaker
  7. Be a Guest on Internet Radio Shows
  8. Host Your Own Radio Show
  9. Host Teleseminars
  10. Host Online Events
  11. Claim Your Expertise
  12. Become a Leader
  13. Create and Distribute Information Products
  14. Form Strategic Alliances
  15. Teach Classes and Workshops

Next Steps

Before you go any further download the Jobs To Be Done Worksheet – see if you know what the real job people want done when they buy from you.  If you have any questions drop us a note – we’ll get right back to you.


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