What’s an Authority-Based Business?

January 17, 2018

Are you a Business Authority? Read this and decide for yourself.

The Problem

Many of us don’t recognize that there is a better way to get results – upshots we may have never dreamed of. (Think of a time when someone you trusted showed you a better way to do something – and it changed your life! Now ask yourself – if it weren’t for that person would you have seen the upshot or thought of adopting the new way?) That person that you trusted enough to follow – who encouraged you to invest in yourself and the effort to try a new behavior or product – was (at least in your mind) an Authority.

If we’re honest with ourselves, in most instances we won’t try different behaviors unless we’re influenced by a trusted authority.

To exert positive influence on the world –we must be accepted as an Authority.

Authority (əˈTHôrədē/)

a) power to influence thought, enthusiasm, opinion, or behavior to the benefit of others

b) an individual that has unique and deep knowledge about how to do a job differently – that provides an upshot to people’s lives


The Authority-Based Business

Authority-based businesses are an extension of individuals with unique and deep knowledge. Because of the upshot from doing an activity (or job) differently, Authorities attract believers (audiences). The Authority then has the opportunity to turn this audience into a community.

The process of pinpointing the description of the job which is to be done, as well as the way that that job is then defined as a category, are how the authority positions his business to the marketplace. However no amount of positioning will provide value if the authority is not offering an upshot – and by that we mean a way that makes any prior approach to doing the job seem outdated, inefficient, difficult and/or ineffective.

A community can be designed around the category – it is this new community (which we call a community of practice) that provides mutual value to both the authority, as he or she is compensated by the community, and the community members who pay to be a member of the community and receive camaraderie, shared insights and collaboration required to achieve mastery.

Do’s and Don’ts

If you want to earn the right to be accepted as an Authority – here’s a few Do’s and Don’ts

  1. Stick to what you care about. And think of it in a way that not a lot of other people are talking about. Remember – you need a unique category (you can read more about that here).
  2. Become an avid student. Commit to learning as much as possible. Nobody wants to learn from a teacher who isn’t at the top of their game.
  3. Be generous. Don’t hoard your ideas. Develop content that’s easy to understand, and share it. This is why people will follow you. Because you give away your best stuff for free.
  4. Build a course. Didn’t you just read to give the good stuff away for free?  Yeah you did…but teaching people how to do the job differently isn’t easily learned from the ideas you give away – it’s learned by putting those ideas into practice – which is what the course teaches.  And just to be clear – the course is for sale – not free.
  5. Speak with authority. Stop using weak words and phrases like “I think” or “it seems” or “I believe” out of your vocabulary. They make you sound unsure of yourself. Speak with confidence. Use these phrases: “I know”, “it is”, “my experience proves that….”
  6. Be honest. Don’t pretend you know something you don’t. But be humble. Don’t fake it. Collaborate with your audience and learn along with them. This encourages everyone to bring their best thinking and grow together – which is the essence of Community Design.

We Pause For A Short Word From Our Sponsor….

At MeBox, we concentrate on helping Authorities scale their impact on the world through Community Design.  Community Design is a process that joins a legitimate Authority to audience education, audience interactivity (community) and collaboration.

Why do we focus on Authority-Based Businesses?

It’s an expression of our personal values – We only work with Authorities whose expertise brings new value to communities in an effort to move the world forward with positive momentum, enthusiasm and enhance quality of life.

Next Step

If you are an Authority – and you want to scale your impact on the world – let’s talk!


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