How Businesses Position Themselves as the #1 Authority in the World

November 15, 2017

What’s the big deal about being an authority?

Here’s the obvious: When you are an authority you are the preeminent expert in a category you’ve created.

In addition to the obvious

There’s a dramatic shakeout unfolding that impacts all forms of marketing on the Internet.  That shakeout is coming from search engines learning to define who is credible and who is not.  If you’re not credible you’ll be ranked so low in search results that you’ll be invisible to those searching for what you have to offer.  The solution: Become an expert…and if you are bold enough use Community Design to become an Authority. (We’ll be writing a Blog on how to become an Authority – check back in January!)

Here are a few more reasons why this is a critical pursuit:

  • No one cares what you think if you aren’t an expert.
  • Experts become the cornerstones of communities – and communities spawn important new ideas…so you want to be there to participate in the development of new ideas.
  • People want to meet experts
  • Being known as an expert will attract the smart, motivated employees who can make a tremendous difference in your business.
  • A deep understanding of your topic (supported by unquestionable ethics) makes you more trustworthy, and that makes you the more inviting choice when it comes time to purchase a product or service.
  • The media will want to interview you – Media depends on experts to flesh out stories.
  • Other experts will want to meet you – and your community will grow as you and these other experts share what you learn from each other.
  • Other experts will want to collaborate with you.
  • Growing a social media following is easier.
  • Your posts will get more comments.
  • Influence drives your sharing rate.
  • Your articles will draw more links — No matter what anyone may tell you, incoming links are still the key driver in SEO rankings. Attracting high-quality natural links is pure gold.
  • The distribution of your content on social networks will grow exponentially. More tweets, plus ones, and likes will spread your message further every day.
  • Your conference presentations will draw more people — Doing presentations is an important part of Community Desgn.
  • Experts make more money — For a business owner, this is the bottom line. People will pay more for your products or services if you are a recognized authority.
  • If you educate people better (content as well as learning experience) than anyone else you become the most trusted authority.

The Process

Earning the reputation as an expert is a process.  The steps are:

  1. Become a legitimate, knowledgeable go-to resource. Commit to learning and experiencing as much as possible so that you are an expert in the topic.
  2. Be authentic. Share new ideas. Focus on being helpful.
  3. Speak with authority.
    • Be honest
    • Be helpful
    • Own the keywords in your area of expertise.
    • Blog.
    • Write guest articles for high traffic blogs
    • Write a book or eBook
    • Schedule speaking engagements
  4. To take expert to the next level – Authority – pick a unique, interesting problem that your expertise has identified (note we said problem – not topic). Make it something you care about and that not a lot of other people are talking about.  (For more on this see our blogs on What’s your Category and How course based business can define and dominate a category. Interview with Al Ramadan from Play Bigger.
  5. Commit to Community Design and steward the growth of a community around your Category
    • Educate through courses and/or short instructional videos
    • Lead an online community
    • Support the online community with in-person community activities
    • Open the community to other experts
    • Encourage and community members to become more expert than you are!

Do’s and Don’t’s

Experts need to demonstrate that they are good, honest people who have the public’s best interest at heart.  They need to be trusted – and for an expert to be viewed as trustworthy they need three characteristics: expertise, integrity and benevolence. In other words, knowing stuff isn’t enough. For us to rate a person as a trustworthy expert they need to know their information, to be honest and to be good-hearted.

When experts talk, they often rely on complicated words and indecipherable acronyms. Experts seem to want non-experts to rise to their level of sophistication, rather than approaching non-experts with appropriate regard – using language the listener will understand. Experts should NEVER use words and phrases in their conversation that most people don’t understand.  Using jargon and technical terms in everyday conversation and through the media comes off as an elitist attempt to assert intellectual dominance.

If you commit to becoming and expert then you’d be wise to understand why people don’t listen to experts.  We’ll get into that in another blog and explain how Community Design helps you overcome the resistance.

Next Steps

If you’re not focused on being an expert, helping people and doing some spectacular what’s the POINT of being in business?  Click the link below and use the worksheet to define the undeniable, driving purpose behind your business…and from there the problem around which you to become an expert should become clear.   If, after you’ve gone through the exercise, you need someone to bounce ideas around – ping us and let’s set a time to talk.




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