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September 27, 2017

In our work we’ve proven that scaling a business is all about attracting members to a community. We call the process Community Design. In this blog we are going to share one of the most important insights that we’ve discovered when it comes to attracting loyal members to a community.

The problem

In our noisy world, finding people to connect with – and then actually cultivating the common ground where that connection “clicks” is hard work. Without that click there is no way to scale. The problem is getting to “the click”.

Getting to the click

The click comes when an audience member (1) recognizes an aspiration (problem, goal or desire) and (2) realizes how they can achieve it (solve the problem, achieve the goal, fulfill the desire). When that 2-step experience takes place, whoever got them to the click gets instant recognition as an authority.

The status of “authority” casts impressions – like trustworthy, credible and helpful. When you help people learn (code word for “realize”) how to accomplish an aspiration or solve a problem, by association you stick in their mind…you resonate with their vision for themselves…and consequently unleash their natural desire to associate with you. You earn the right to be the cornerstone of a community – which is a gateway to achieving scale.

Click to Scale – That’s what I’m talkn’ about

How you inspire people to stay engaged after the click is what Community Design is all about. People will sign up to learn, but they stay for community.

Community Design answers questions like:

  • What’s the next logical aspiration…or click?
  • How do you create connection between community members?
  • What lexicon do you cultivate to create a common membersip language?
  • Who do you invite into the community to propel your members to higher levels of delight?
  • How do you inspire community members to help grow the community?

If the click isn’t treated as a transition point to community membership then your authority will be usurped and someone else will step in to build the community. No community, no scale.

Next Steps

So what’s your click? If you’re not sure what it is click here – no pun intended😆 – and let’s see if we can help.


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