What’s a course-based business?

August 7, 2017

So what’s the big deal about being a course-based business?

As you probably already know, we only deal with companies and individuals that have a compelling, change-their-customers’-world-for-the-better idea or product. Changing the customer’s world is a process – we call it Community Design – and that process can only be led by a trusted authority. Our time-tested data tells us that the best way to earn the position of trusted authority is by defining a Category, connecting to peoples aspirations, and helping people to achieve a new level of awareness that resonates. So what’s the best tool for crafting the position of Trusted Authority? Education – and we term the education experiences “courses”.

How do you become a course-based business?

The most important part about becoming a course-based business:  You must be a legitimate authority.  This knocks out half of the companies that call us – because they confuse being technically competent with being an authority.  For us, an Authority has and displays special skills or knowledge that they have cultivated through experience – and can help others learn to achieve those same successes.  The steps to helping others achieve those successes become “the courses”.

Next, the authority has to be able to deliver the courses in a compelling, engaging, time effective format that resonates.  And making them resonate is a must!

Last, the courses must deliver outcomes that: (1) meet the aspirations of the participant so effectively that they (2) join and take part in the authority’s community.

Sounds simple – so why aren’t there more course-based businesses?

The sad reality is that most businesses don’t really change their customers’ world for the better – they just satisfy a short term desire.  To satisfy a desire there is no need to invest in learning, dreaming, striving or achieving.  If a company’s products or services don’t appeal to a heart-felt aspiration (defined as a hope or ambition to achieve something) then their prospects will be more responsive to traditional marketing and branding.

For some companies, even though their products or services would make a meaningful change in their customers’ world – because they are not legitimate authorities they have no way to earn trust – and therefore these companies are better off associating their products with a star or spokesperson who can lend their social authority.

There are those companies that are legitimate authorities – but they overlook the value of using their knowledge to engage in Relationship Pathfinding.  They simply don’t recognize the value that being an authority brings, or, more likely, it never occurs to them that building community is a better strategy than traditional approaches to sales and marketing.

 Why aren’t you a course-based businesses?

If you or your company have a compelling, change-their-customers’-world-for-the-better idea or product and you are truly an authority in the topics area – let’s see if we can be helpful.


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