These are the top 5 ways we’ve generated leads for membership businesses.

February 7, 2017

They all work and they’re all profitable

1. Paid advertising with social media

We started experimenting with paid advertising via social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Imgur and LinkedIn.

The idea was to generate more traffic to a website and ALWAYS capture an email address.

Both for service and products based businesses, this technique works wonders.

Also for B2B and B2C (business to business and business to consumer) this solution works very well.

Typically what we did was set up a targeted advert, that drove users back to a landing/squeeze page.

We then offered the user a free report, a cheat sheet or told them ‘why X is the perfect Y’.

We call these light bulb moments. The idea is that we give something that solves a very specific problem, for the customer. For example…

  • Why summer is the perfect time to get your home heating fixes
  • How to make your bathroom look bigger than it is
  • The 5 most popular gifts for him on the high street
  • How we saved one business 30% off his last tax bill

These could very easily be blog posts but you need to put a email capture wall up before giving the information away.

2. Email campaign to their current customers

There is probably already money in their current list.

For a design and furnishing business, they had roughly 1000 email addresses in their customer database.

We uploaded a 7 stage email campaign to Mailchimp and set it to automatically send out emails to our uploaded database.

Roughly speaking the stages were-

  1. Introduce that they were getting a new website
  2. Let customers know that they would have exclusive sneak peek access to the site before anyone else
  3. Show our most profitable products
  4. Offer something for free
  5. Offer something similar to what they’ve previously bought
  6. Offer a very low priced product (net necessarily discounted, just cheap)
  7. Show some publicity about our business and offer a popular product

3. Networking and events

This one takes longer, but stick at it and you might be surprised.

First, I’m talking ANY network. From Facebook groups, local business networks, networking seminars, LinkedIn, whatever.

We’ve generated leads from speaking at networking events, being introduced to people and generally helping out.

Networking is definitely not the fastest lead generation method available. But it does give you longer, larger and better quality projects over all.

Why does it work? Networking is all about consistency and recommendations. If you regularly participate in network events, social posts and online events, you’ll get your name out there.

Eventually people will know what you do (make sure you tell them!), and everyone likes to look connected. So if you make a good impression, people will refer you to their colleagues and peers.

All business owners like to have a network. Everyone wants to ‘know someone who can do that’.

Online, post in forums, in groups and follow # trends. Start conversations and get known for what you do.

4. Asking our network

Here’s a crazy idea, ask your current network if anyone they know is looking for whatever your customers offer.

Mad I know. You’d be surprised at the number of people who say ‘you know I’ve been meaning to introduce you to so and so’.

Also, make sure to check in with your CURRENT customers. Ask them about what they want and if there is anything else you can help with.

Send an email out to your current network and customers. Something like

Hey [name]
I’ve been working with XXX and they offer YYY. I’ve been really impressed with just how [benefit or result] they’ve been and I wanted you to know about them.

All of a sudden, you’ll have informed people that you’ve got a network of businesses that you know and that you can help them get customers.

5. Booking a speaking slot for a presentation

Particularly for service based and B2B solutions, getting a speaking slot is a big deal.

You could even act like a PR agent and set up the presentation/talk yourself. Even better, offer some coaching about how to present.

In fact we’ve got a presentation and speaking template and education package that you could take and offer them for a fee. Imagine that, if you not only helped a business get a speaker slot, but you showed them how they could generate leads from it AND how to drive them back to a website you’ve created.

BONUS!!!6.Help them create a light bulb moment and give it away

Create an e-book. A report, a blog post, some resources. Something that your customers can use, consume and benefit from NOW.

Something that would have the shortest distance possible between ‘sign up’ and ‘understand’.

You need to think of them as light bulb moments. Solving a small, specific problem and giving then insight.

For example, if you work mainly with e-commerce businesses, perhaps a report on how you helped other e-commerce businesses. Or if you work with portfolio based businesses, something like a PDF of the perfect portfolio template.

Why does it work? It works because people will WANT to give you an email address to get this free information. Chances are that you’ve seen these already. In fact you must have done one to get this content.

Once you’ve got an email, you’ve got a lead and you can start offering more help and more specific content to them.


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