If you’re thinking about a website and you CAN’T answer this question, you’ll regret it.

September 22, 2015

When you’re thinking about a website for your business, there are a hundred questions floating around in your head.

How expensive is it going to be?  How long will it take?  Can I trust my designer to deliver something modern and well designed?

How can you prioritise all these questions and essentially work out – will a new website be worth it?

Well then, you need to answer the most important question below.

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>>What do I want to get out of a website?<<

Really, that’s it.  What do you want to get out of a website.

Forget how much it costs or what it can do for you, have a think about the change that it’s going to bring to your business.

What can you get out of a business?

Let’s have a look at your options.  What could you get out of a new website.  Outside of all the gumph and fluff that websites companies and designers say they’ll deliver.

What it boils down to is these 5 results.

  • Your new website can deliver you more traffic to your website.
  • Your new website will increase the number of leads that your business has.
  • Your new website will boost the number of leads that convert into sales
  • Your new website will deliver an expansion in profit
  • Your new website will build further revenue

A lot of these might seem obvious.  If it’s obvious, that’s great.  In fact, if it’s obvious, those are the goals you should choose.

I’ll admit, these might even all sound the same, but they’re really not.


Driving traffic is certainly one of the more straight forward goals for a website.

Why would getting traffic be a goal for your website?  Well getting traffic just means having people visit your site.  It’s almost the foundation of your online marketing plan.

You need to get visitors to your website so you can convert them into leads.


Lead capture is, in my opinion, the most important goal your website can achieve.

Why would you want more leads?  Well, leads could be just a name and an email address.  If you’ve said to someone “I can help you, but I need your email address” and they give you their contact information, then thats a lead.

A lead is proof that someone has visited your site and is interested in what you’ve got to say.


Sales through a website could also be considered lead conversion.  Taking traffic or a lead and making that person BUY from your site.

What do more sales get you?  Well first it’s important to know that sales through a website AREN’T just for e-commerce stores or eBay type websites.  You can make sales online, for your service based business by getting people to commit via your website.

Sales are what lead to revenue and revenue leads to profit.  Increase the number or the quality of sales, and you’ll reach better profit goals.


Revenue is just money coming into the business.

How can a website affect revenue?  Well, first you can sell more products online via an e-commerce store.  Also, if you’ve got a lead list or database, you can direct them to your website and show them how brilliant you are.  Revenue comes from an increase in sales numbers or averages.

For example, lets say you sell widgets for phones.  If you sell one at £10, that’s great.  But how about increasing that to 2 widgets sold at £15 each?  Your website shows the customer that the more expensive option is better suited, and that increases the averages.


Profit comes from 2 things.  Lowering costs and increasing customer sale quality.

How can your website achieve better profit?  Well, for a start, your website can sell 24 hours a day.  You might be spending time selling and talking to customers when your site could be doing that for you.  Also, we can automate a huge amount of the marketing and sales process.  What if instead of customer meetings and advertising, all you did was publish some content once a week and that resulted in sales?  Sounds good to me.


So, in conclusion, your website needs to be able to achieve one of these things.  Before you even start THINKING about a website, you need to know what YOU want to get out of it.

Think of it like this – “When I look back in 12 months, how would I know that the website was successful?”

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