An insight into our week of work experience with Michael.

March 23, 2015

By Fin, 17

On the week starting the 23rd of February, we began our week of work experience.  Michael had taken myself and 4 other students on for entire week. The week proved to be a great, informative experience for us all providing us with an invaluable insight into what’s involved with digital marketing.

I just wanted to give an overview of what we learned, and what we did through the week,


On Monday we were taught how to write a blog and wrote our own blogs on topics of our choice. Michael taught us what sort of titles get your blog read and the ways you can convert people reading your blog, by attracting traffic and turning this traffic into leads.

We also set up our own environments allowing us to write blogs off and online. Michael also collected some laptops kindly donated for the week by ISCA for those of us who didn’t have our own.


To start with on Tuesday we came up with our very own product and brand which was a clothing brand.  We decided on making our products from recycled materials and called the company Green Swell Clothing.

Michael then helped us to discover who our target market was and took us through a process that began with finding those in our target audience and ended with them eventually buying from us.

We learnt what things such as a ‘lightbulb moment’ and ‘splinter products’ are and how we can use them to gain customers. We then delegated different roles in the forming of our website and began to design how they would look and be laid out.


On Wednesday Michael introduced us to a hosting site called that would host our website and a WordPress download from that would allow us to build our website without having to code it ourselves.

We then set about creating each of our webpages and also designing our products and logo to put on our site. By the time we had finished the site looked really good and worked very well as well. After a wonderful pulled pork baguette for lunch we were introduced to the real product ‘Trep-U’ of a client of Michaels ‘Trep-ology’.

We then began to do the same process for them as we had done for our own company, working out the target market and the best way to turn them from being a mere lead to being a customer.

Finally, we had Ed from come in and give us a talk about uni, graduating and getting a job after uni.  He was really valuable, telling us a few things we won’t learn at school!


We began Thursday by each writing a blog that was designed to attract the target audience for ‘Trep-U’. After we had written these we had a Skype call with the owner of the product to try and give us a better understanding of what they wanted to achieve.

Thursday was a heavy day of developing and designing.  However, Michael understood that we really wanted to build a splinter product and try to sell it.  So we built a recorded video product, showing us how we created a marketing plan, customer profile and messaging guide in under 30 minutes.


Friday was the end of the week.  We started off with an interview by Stephen from The Sidmouth Herald.

He asked us about why we wanted to do this week and what attracted us to digital marketing.  We showed off some of our work, Mike let it slip that he was terrified of how fast we were learning!

We finished off our work on Trep-ology, providing Mike with feedback throughout the day.

Overall, the week was brilliant.  Really useful and full of learning.  Thanks Mike


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