How to follow up email leads.

October 16, 2014

By Michael Killen of MeBox

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Once you captured a few email leads, you need to know how to follow them up.  Usually, if you’ve been following my advice on ‘how to capture more leads through your blog‘.  You’ll end up with a list of steady incoming email leads.  This post will teach you how to follow up and convert those leads.


We’ve captured the leads.  We now need to put those leads into a sales funnel.  A sales funnel is a fancy word for a step by step process that ends with a sale.  There are a few stages that we need to complete and in a certain order.

The idea is to show that what you’re offering is a no-brainer for the customer.  You demonstrate your value and make your offer intriguing and irresistible.

1. Follow up as soon as you can.

Use a free program like Mailchimp or Gravity Forms, to send an automatic email after they’ve signed up.  Just say a few words like –

“Hey there

Thanks for downloading/ signing up.

Your link to your free [lead magent] is right here

Make sure you hit reply and let me know if it was useful



Feel free to use this.  Just use something short to make sure they know that you know they’ve signed up.  You want people to read and use your stuff right?

So make sure they do, let them know you’ve seen their download and introduce yourself.

2. Offer MORE value.

“I have this crazy idea that if you actually help someone, they’ll think you’re being helpful.  Mad right?”

-Frank Kern

I could not agree more with this statement.  If you really help someone, if you really add value.  They’ll know that you helped.  Mental.

Offer them a follow up product, something that combines with their first download.  Could be a cheat sheet or a report.

Digital Marketer has TONS of free resources and ideas for stuff like this.  Just check out their post here.

Send them another email saying that most people who have downloaded this product, automatically download another.  Offer that other product and get them to download something else.

3. Check in with them.

Brick and Mortar-Brick and Mortar-0009 op

Simple one this.  Send them a short email, checking in to see how they’re getting on.  Ask them if they found what you sent them useful.  Is there anything they’re unsure of?

What we’re doing is showing that we genuinely care what they’re up to.

You want to make sure that someone is getting value out of what you do.

4. Show confidence and mitigate risk.

I love this step.  It never fails to really grab attention.

If you’re really able to help people, you can prove it.  We need to show that you’re confident that you can help them.  We also need to mitigate the risk feeling that they are experiencing.

They don’t want to be conned, so how can we show that we can help them.  All the while eliminating that factor of risk.

Easy.  We offer them a free consultation session.

Nothing heavy, just 45 minutes on Skype.

With an email like this-

“Hey first name

We’ve been talking a while and I know I can help your business,

I want to offer you a free consultation session to

-1st big problem/solution

-2nd big problem/solution

It’s totally free, you won’t even need to drive anywhere.

I’m so confident that I can help you in 45 minutes, that if you don’t like what I have to say

I’ll pay your hourly fee.

Just hit reply and lets work out how we can help you.”

Now obviously, you need to have a solid consultation or interview agenda.  I happen to teach people such things, so hit me up if you need it.

Secondly, you need to really deliver value.  I’ve NEVER had anyone ask for their hourly fee back.  Honestly.  My consultation session is  REALLY good. It shows people how to identify their highest paying customer AND generate more leads.

You need to have a great offer too.

5. Prize frame and withdraw.

Finally, finish off the email with-

“I have to warn you though, this offer can’t go on forever

At the moment I have over (x number of people on your list) on my radar

I only have so much time.  So lets get something in the books

Let me prove that I can help your business.



What we’re doing here is two things.  First, if they do email you back, you qualify them.  Ask them basic questions like their budget, time-scale, objectives etc.  If it doesn’t match what you need, then you can say you’re fully booked.

Secondly, as tacky car sales tactics go, the timing prize WORKS.  It switches people’s brains on to realise this is a real and serious deal.  It might even seem obvious, but it works.


So there we go.  An entire lead generation funnel designed just for your business.

There is a lot to take in, frankly, and almost all of it will be lost if you don’t take it one step at a time.

However, I want to help you.  Just shoot me an email and lets work out a free consultation.

If you really think it sucks, I’ll give you your hourly fee 😉




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