Why your blog posts suck and how to make them work harder.

September 19, 2014

By Michael Killen from MeBox.

Who is this post for?

This post is for any business or professional who needs to get more leads and better leads through their blog.  Last week we looked at 5 killer headlines that will get your blog read.  Now we need to use the content on the page to make your business stand out.

By the way, if you want to make your life REALLY easy.  Take a look at the content template below.  Download it and start writing awesome blog posts.


We’ve now got people interested in what you have to say.  Now we need to make the words and content on the page, work hard for your business.

What do we mean by work hard?  Well your blogs need to achieve something.  Ideally, they need to convert from a visitor into a lead.

We do this by moving them from knowing that you exist, to liking and trusting you.

So your blog post needs to position you and your business as something the customer likes.  As well as something the customer trusts, as a position of authority.


1.  Stick to lists.

There’s a reason there are hundreds of ‘list posts’.

The 7 most amazing things ever eaten by a human.

The reason that number lists work is two fold.  First, it allows you to break down and sequence a process.  This makes it much easier for anyone to digest.  They don’t easily loose their place.  Readers can scan through the text and digest what’s important to them.

The second reason lists work, is because people LOVE to know what’s number one.  There is something that happens in the mind  with a list.  The human brain NEEDS to know what’s number one.

The 5 most dangerous household objects. NUMBER ONE WILL SHOCK YOU.  I would want to know what’s number one on this list.

Stick to lists, write numbers 1 – 5 and then fill in the blanks.  In fact the template below is going to help you a LOT with this bit.


2.  Headers, sub headers and questions.

If you break up the content into easy, digestible nuggets, you’ll retain more readers.  The job of one sentence is to move the reader onto the next sentence.  Your job in creating content, is to make it as easy to digest as possible.

Use headers in your list.  Like we’ve done.  Use sub headers or bold words within the text to break up and highlight certain points.  Like we’ve done.

Questions are great too.  Throw a question that the reader is thinking, in.  Pre-empt their objections and what are they thinking next?


3.  Short sentences, short paragraphs.

The old rule of thumb for written content, is write it out.  Half it and then half it again.

Keep sentences and paragraphs short and sweet.  Your job is to make reading the text as easy as possible.  Frank Kern (a LEGENDARY internet marketer) believes heavily that short text is key to copy.  Advertising, blogs, pages, content. Whatever is written needs to be short and sweet.

“But what if my content is really boring?”

Good question (see what we did there?).  if you believe your content or your product is boring, you need to read this article.  How to use social media for boring products.

The concept is that you need to understand what your customers want.  By definition, if its boring, your customers don’t want to read it.

Your customers don’t want to read about ‘are you tax compliant for 2015?’.  They do want to read about ‘5 tax hacks that save THOUSANDS’.


4.  Remind readers what the next step is.

By the way, if you want a template to be able to repeat this blog stuff, check out the download below.  You can use it to repeatedly create blog posts that generate leads.

See what we did there?  You need to remind and tell your readers what the next step is.  For most people, its getting an email address.

However you need to offer something for that.  Don’t worry, we’re going to touch on lead capture next week.


5.  It doesn’t have to be written…

Bit of a bombshell here.  What if I told you that you don’t have to write your blog posts.

You could interrupt this in two different ways I suppose.  First, research ‘guest blogging’.  Basically it’s where you get people to write your posts for you and they get recognition.  A few links maybe, a couple of shares on social media.  Or you could look at hiring a copywriter.  Lots of people do it and it’s not as expensive as you might think.

On the other hand, you have tons of other options.  For example you could podcast like I do on my other website, Sell your service.co.uk.  You can record videos, record audio.  You can create presentations, slide shows, infographics.

In fact it’s probably a good idea, to mix up your media and delivery style every now and then.

Hit Google and check out ‘different types of blogs’  It’ll blow you away how easy it is to get your message out there.



In summary, keep your writing to the point, simple and short.  Don’t be afraid to use lists and bullet points.  If you’re REALLY stuck for ideas, send me an email and we’ll brainstorm a couple of blog ideas (:



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