WordCamp 2014

July 14, 2014

Cheers to Claire from A bright clear web for the photo (:

Your local award winning WordPress website designer spoke at Bournemouth’s WordCamp UK!  This was a huge deal to me, to be able to talk to my peers (whom I consider industry leaders) at an industry event that focuses on nothing but WordCamp.  To prove how big a deal it was to me, here’s a photo of me with ‘Speak at WordCamp’ on my goals board.

speak at wordcamp wordpress goal

What is WordCamp?

WordCamp is a gathering of anyone who uses WordPress for or in their business.  It provides a valuable meeting place and interaction between coders, marketers, directors, developers and designers to talk about EVERYTHING WordPress.

Like most speaking conventions, there are several breakout rooms and lecure halls used to give talks on everything from designing themes, lead generation, security practice and code updates.  It means that small businesses who perhaps don’t have a huge local development environment can get together and talk shop.

Ultimately, I’ve now spoken to an audience of my peers.  I’m one of the few (if any) businesses in Devon that have educated and talked to other WordPress businesses about how to get better at what they do.

Take a peek at the slides below


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