How to generate more leads from your WordPress site.

June 23, 2014

So you’ve got a WordPress website and you want more leads right?

It looks sexy, it’s responsive and now you just need more customers.Well, before we answer that, we need to know what kind of customers you want.So, what do you want?A) More traffic to your WordPress website? A higher number of visitors per day/month?

B) More visitors/traffic converting into leads. For example you want more people call you or email you after they’ve read your blog? Or you want more people to BUY from your e-commerce website?

C) More specific or higher quality customers calling you up, people who know what they want and what you do?

Well all three of those can be sorted. We can do all of those together, within a week. I promise. It’s not easy work, but it does get easier.

First, choose ONE product that you want to sell more of. Just one. Trust me on this.


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