SEO copy tactics to help your ranking.

April 22, 2014

So, SEO is everywhere.  There are tons of agencies that love to charge thousands for basically ripping you off.  You could pay a company, or you could embrace SEO copy and develop a better understanding of how people are finding your business.

One easy way to improve your SEO is to look at your copy.  Copy refers to the language and text used in anything that you write.

5 SEO copy tactics

    1. Keywords!  This sounds almost too obvious.  Make sure that you pepper the keywords that you know your customers are searching into your text.  If you are a fishing supply shop and you know that your customers are searching winter fishing supplies, then use that phrase in your text.  4 or 5 times for every 400 words or so.  Your SEO copy should use keywords often, but comfortably.
    2. Where is your SEO copy?  If you want people to read what you’ve written, get it in front of them.  Is your copy the first thing they can read?  When a page or an email loads up, anything that is on the screen without needing to scroll down is valuable real estate. Anything below that line probably won’t be read.  So keep it in sight.  Also, is your header working hard?  That’s valuable space that most people just fill with pictures.  SEO copy is only useful if it’s read.
    3. Use the right words.  Research the words that appeal to your readers, within your SEO copy.  Everyone loves words like free, exciting, new, special offer, fire etc.  Attention grabbing words.  Studies show that just by writing 3 key attention grabbing words in an email subject line works better than a sentence.  Relate to your readers too; use their slang, their lingo.  You can see that at work here  and here.
    4. Stealing one idea is plagiarism, stealing ten ideas is research.  If you have competitors and other people in similar fields doing well, look at why they are doing well.  What kind of stuff do they write?  There is a reason Nike sells a lot of sport stuff, just look at the language they use and where they use it.  Then notice how a lot of sport companies use similar language.  Words like performance, speed, limits are all within their SEO copy text and CONTENT, so learn from the best.

  1. Practice.  It does indeed make perfect.  Write often and publish, the beauty of the internet is that people are very quick to offer their opinion.  As long as you don’t take everything to heart you’ll eventually see and learn what works and what doesn’t.  SEO copy won’t improve by itself, so you’d better work at it yourself.
  2. Know what you want to say.  Einstein said that if you can’t summarise an idea within a sentence then you don’t understand it.  SEO copy is about saying the right thing the right way.  However this doesn’t give you a lot of leeway.  You need to tell people the reason they should read your text, your email, your article.  Don’t tell them what it’s about if you don’t have the space.  Most people will read one sentence; about 100-200 characters should work.  Any more and people get bored.  Let them know what they’ll get from reading your stuff, not what the stuff is about.


Following these basic SEO copy ideas is going to help your ranking immensely.  It helps with your overall language and will help with your overall understanding of your own business.  If you understand it, let others understand too.

This list could go on for hours.  Things like remember calls to action (where is the customer going next i.e. buy now or click for more info) are just the start.  If you really want a headstart at your marketing copy, and you want more traffic, get in touch.


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