5 things I’ve learnt from getting it wrong.

October 22, 2013

dealing coping fail failure businessA while ago, because I’m a genius entrepreneur business development expert marketing guru…I wanted to set up a digital marketing seminar, that would lay out all the options available to small businesses.  The idea was to show businesses that digital marketing was not complicated.  It was all about finding high quality customers, growing and promoting your business and making sure you don’t get scammed by digital agencies.

It included lunch, was a four hour seminar and had myself and another industry expert talking through all the above.

Wanna know how many tickets I sold?

digital marketing failIf you guessed 100 tickets sold, you guessed wrong.  The correct answer is 0.  Nil.  Nothing.  Bupkiss.

Anyway, I learnt a lot about that going wrong.  For all intents and purposes is was a failure.  But I did learn a thing or two…

1. You can fail at more than one thing at once.  Even at the same time.

It turns out that you can comfortably have multiple things go wrong so that one massive thing go wrong.  Not that dissimilar from the Twilight movies.   For example, spelling mistakes on literature and leaflets, no customers and people asking you to leave their office because they’re not interested would be considered small mistakes.  Combined they make a big one.

2. You can measure where you went wrong and it might be you.

Look at what went wrong.  What didn’t work.  Seriously, have a really REALLY hard look.  Because it might be you.  Are you really looking in the right places?  Did you learn from your last mistake?  List, but don’t dwell on what went wrong.  Make a hindsight plan, what would you plan if you knew this stuff was going to happen?  What are your contingencies?  Make that new plan work next time.

3. Some stuff just fails.  It goes wrong and there is no real reason.

This one is self explanatory.  Sometimes the stars don’t align and your thing doesn’t happen.  Try again.  Don’t be a wuss.

4. You should learn to minimize risks more than anything.

Plan ahead.  Seriously.  Take what you’ve learnt from last time and make sure that even if it goes totally wrong, you can walk away with the minimum damage.  Learn from others.  Hell TED has 8 talks on failure alone, because if you’re failing, you’re doing something right.  You’re finding ways that don’t work and that means you’re finding ways that do work.

5. Failure isn’t is falling, failure is not getting back up.


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