A play writer stepping into the world of digital marketing

July 29, 2013


I have suddenly found myself in the world of digital marketing. Slowly but surely the fog is clearing, and it is beginning to make sense.

I am an under employed writer, project manager and workshop facilitator and after coming to end of a three year contract in January I needed to do something. So I dusted down a play that I had written and decided to turn it into a book.

The play, and now the book, is called Impisi, the isiZulu word for hyena. It is aimed at a family audience and is about self image, people who are seen as different, prejudice and disability. The story is told entirely through the characters of African wild animals. I wrote the play with an amazing South African actor called Ellis Pearson and it has been performed at schools and arts festivals in South Africa. Take a look at my website www.impisiproductions.com where you can read an extract of both the play and the book, and even buy both!

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So earlier this year I had a nearly complete manuscript for the book, and a play script. I knew that the best way to market both of these was through the internet, I knew that Kindle was the market leader in ebooks and I also knew that you could have the best website in the world but if no one knew about it you were wasting your time.


Then I went to a meeting of an enterprise club, and the speaker described how digital marketing worked. I realised that to sell my book and play in any numbers I had to get to grips with Twitter, Facebook and all those networks. I did have a Facebook page although I seldom went to it and when I did all I got was pictures of friends babies. I didn’t see how that could help me market a book!

But now, about two months later the fog is clearing. I am writing regular blogs which are fun as I can write about all sorts of different things related to my project, I can see how Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin work although I am still exploring the finer points of them all to see how I can get my name out there.

And I have sold copies of my book on Amazon! http://www.amazon.co.uk/Impisi-ebook/dp/B00D2V3FYW/

For more information, visit Clive’s website at www.impisiproductions.com 

Clive also has an excellent blog here, and you can follow his Twitter account and Facebook page.


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