What are people Googling? Ask Google Trend.

June 12, 2013

google trend

Google trend visualisation

Ever wondered what other people are searching?  Use Google trend, along with the new flat surface visualisation presentation, you can soon be awash with coloured blocks and what people are searching.

Google Trend

Google has a trend (get it?) of creating what sound useless.  It also further perpetuates the myth, that they have so much money, they can just waste time.

However Google trend is much more powerful than it first looks and it’s worth exploring.

You wouldn’t have thought that just seeing endless data and searches is mesmerising, but it is.  Google understands searches and they understand how important it is for businesses to understand what people are looking for.

Visualisation is pretty, but more of an experiment on how people look at data.  How do people use Google trend, or any other reporting and analytic tool?  Eventually more and more services will probably make their data look this pretty.

However, for real reporting, take a look at just Google trend.  Which compiles a list of searches with topics, areas and more.

google trend 2

Google trend has a search ranking system

In conclusion

Not the be all and end all and certainly not going to replace any SEO tools yet.  But a fun addition none the less.


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