5 website design tips that will get you more customers.

April 10, 2013

If  you have an agency, a friend or you’re doing it yourself, website design is tricky, but follow these 5 website design tips and you won’t go far wrong.

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You can make sure that any designs you look at or anything you design has these 5 tips.  Fairly timeless and anyone worth their salt should know them anyway.

5 website design tips.

    1. Use real code.  Use HTML and CSS.  If you’re designing you’re own site, learn HTML and CSS.  It’s easier than you think and you don’t even have to spend any money to learn it.  Use Sublime Text 2, (cheers Mike) and take a look at a few Youtube videos on making a decent website with HTML and CSS.Don’t, I repeat DO NOT use any ‘free website creators’ which use ‘drag and drop’ type design.  Wix, Moonfruit etc, they’re all garbage.  They use Flash as a code which a) looks awful b)can’t be read by Google and c) Flash is dying out, also it can’t be seen on lots of devices.
    2. Less is more.  Trite, but true. Write less but say more.  Know what you want to say and know how people are going to read it.  A short statement to let people know what the site is about is enough.  Use 1 good picture over 10 average ones.  If you can’t explain your site and why someone is here and why they should use it, in under 1 paragraph, you need to understand your site better.Try using a value statement, something like ‘This site is aimed at people like X, who want to find out more about Y, which you can find here’.
    3. Choose colour, not colours.  Now I don’t mean have only one colour at all on your site, but I do mean choose wisely.  It’s better to have one colour that you’re sure of, that works, rather than covering all your bases and selecting dozens.  Look at competitor sites and study which colours they use, blue tends to show trust, green shows growth.  Colour should be used to highlight and frame, not dominate.  Make sure any images you use, or icons for social stuff can stand out.
    4. Design or content?  WRONG! USE!  The key question to most design, be it architecture, website, graphic or whatever is ‘What is more important, design or content?’  I.e. is it more important to have a great looking site, or a site that has then right information that people want to see.  The question is a trick, the answer is USE.  How people use your website is way more important than your content or design.  Know how people are going to use your site.  Is it obvious where they’ll go to find the information they need?  Do they know that they can use the site on their mobile?  Think about it.
    5. Visit, stay, act.  Do you even know why you want people to visit your site?  Getting someone to your site with SEO or social sharing or whatever, is one thing, getting them to stay…that’s another matter.  Know what your end game is.  Is it to get them to download a file?  Email you?  Share it with someone?  Make sure that your ‘call to action’ (the end game) is obvious, clear to reach and easy to do.

Ultimately, if you really think you can do this, then go for it.  But, a good website costs less than a free website.  Call us for a better idea of how you can have a solid web presence.  We know good website design.


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