What is digital marketing?

February 28, 2013

So what is digital marketing?

Well we thought we’d be really clever and explain ‘what is digital marketing’, with a clever little marketing tool.

Presentations are a great form of communication.  They’re not limited by the number of people you are presenting too and they open up an easy dialogue.

Prezi is an awesome little tool that eliminates death by power point.  You create a canvas and add your ideas.

Prezi presentation digital marketing tools what is digital marketing

We talk about what digital marketing is with a cool little digital presentation tool called Prezi.

We used it for a presentation on ‘what is digital marketing?’, so why not take a look below.  It even works on smartphones.

The presentation covers a few areas, such as the literal definition of marketing and the general rules of what digital marketing covers, such as social media, websites and graphic design and content.

You’ll get a brief look at the big four social sites, as well as break some myths jargon that floats around.

Just a side note, the presentation is designed to go with a presenter.  Obviously.  We’re working on recording a one but this one has plenty of info to get you started.



If you’d like the link to the presentation on ‘what is digital marketing?‘, click here.

We think it’s important to add that there are a lot digital marketing agencies out there that really don’t know their stuff.  One example is if you search SEO agency and then look at the results, anyone who is listed as advertised or on adwords obviously doesn’t know what they’re doing enough to boost their rankings organically.

Give us a call, because we really do know our stuff.


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