If you want more members, you NEED to answer this question

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If your membership business wants more members, you need to know exactly who you’re targeting. We’re going to explore the first, most vital step in finding more members for your membership businesses. At MeBox, we often hear “Mike, Mark, we really want more people joining our online course. Can you help us?” Without a doubt,…

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Can an offering become a client?

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Every week we get at least one call that goes like this: Caller: I’ve been in this industry since I was 21 and I’ve solved this important problem that everyone in the business has. I want you to see it – you’ll love it…and then tell me why it’s not selling! Us: We can’t tell…

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How much do you think I should charge for my membership site?

mike morrison membership guys how much to charge for a membership

I had the pleasure of interviewing Mike Morrison from The Membership Guys a little while back. We talked about pricing, keeping members and growing your email list. For those who don’t know, unlikely for you who don’t know what it is that you do, and what The Membership Guys do. What’s your experience with membership…

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Should you focus on finding members or keeping members?

find or keep members community design

Should your membership business focus on finding more customers? Or should you focus on keeping the ones you have? When we run a membership business, particularly those with courses and online content, it can be tough to see members sign up and then drop off. So what’s going wrong? At MeBox we’re often asked two…

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Community is how you keep your members happy.

community design membership business funnel kristina romero

I interviewed Kristina Romero from RockStar Empires and KRMD on her advice for course and membership based business. This is what she had to say. What’s your experience with membership businesses? I’ve built quite a few membership websites, with my company KRMD Designs, which is like a web development company. I’ve done a lot for…

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Should membership businesses focus on getting new members or keeping current ones?

I interviewed Troy Dean of RockStar Empires to understand how membership and course business can grow. This is our interview. When it comes to membership-based businesses and membership-based sites, what’s your experience? We’ve been running a membership website now at WP Elevation for over three and a half years, and RockStar Empires for about eight…

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These are the top 5 ways we’ve generated leads for membership businesses.

membership website lead generation

They all work and they’re all profitable 1. Paid advertising with social media We started experimenting with paid advertising via social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Imgur and LinkedIn. The idea was to generate more traffic to a website and ALWAYS capture an email address. Both for service and products based businesses, this technique works…

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How membership businesses wake up everyday with more email subscribers

The ultimate email list growth formula for membership businesses to get 1000+ subscribers. I’m going to show you how successful membership businesses wake up every day with more and more email subscribers. Once you’ve got your first 1000, the next 1000 is easy. If you’ve already got over 1000 subscribers, read on. Because I’m going…

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The importance of storytelling.

Stories are an incredible persuasive tool. Jennifer Aaker studies happiness, and how stories can affect our happiness; she believes that stories are more meaningful–more memorable, more impactful, and more personal–than statistics alone. When used with statistical data, stories are an incredible persuasive tool that can help us as humans decide what to believe in a…

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Not spending money HERE might just be killing your business.

spend money promote membership business

One of the biggest problems that businesses face, is getting in front of enough people that are INTERESTED in your products. That doesn’t just mean new leads or prospects, this could be current customers too. The truth is that you NEED to spend money on promotion.  We’ve got some of the best articles on the…

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