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Discover the Secret to Scaling your Course Based Business

If you’re: frustrated with your inability to gain scale – even though you have a unique and valuable offering, or audience doesn’t understand or appreciate (code phrase for “Doesn’t Care” about) the unique value that your firm delivers then read on because we are going to share how to make who you are stick in…

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Are you the kind of leader that can lead a category leader?

After reading this blog you’ll know if you have the skills and ability to lead a catagory leader…and what actions to take if you aren’t. The Basics Community Design’s sole pupose is to establish and perpetuate Catagory Leadership. The core skill for the CEO of a Catagory Leader is Community Leadership. The immutable truth about…

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What’s a course based business?

So what’s the big deal about being a course based business? As you probably already know, we only deal with companies and individuals that have a compelling, change-their-customers’-world-for-the-better idea or product. Changing the customer’s world is a process – we call it Relationship Pathfinding – and that process can only be led by a trusted…

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Can an offering become a client?

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Every week we get at least one call that goes like this: Caller: I’ve been in this industry since I was 21 and I’ve solved this important problem that everyone in the business has. I want you to see it – you’ll love it…and then tell me why it’s not selling! Us: We can’t tell…

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The importance of storytelling.

Stories are an incredible persuasive tool. Jennifer Aaker studies happiness, and how stories can affect our happiness; she believes that stories are more meaningful–more memorable, more impactful, and more personal–than statistics alone. When used with statistical data, stories are an incredible persuasive tool that can help us as humans decide what to believe in a…

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