MeBox's Secret Sauce

Increase your company's revenues. Jump-start growth and attract new customers with powerful, trust-building impressions and stories.

Video: MeBox It's A Sales Machine

If you want your video viewers to dive into your message and take action, then you need MeBox - because MeBox a sales machine.


We built the MeBox player for one reason -  to give video viewers the ability to take action. right when they are most curious.  How better to build trust than to provide more information right when it's wanted?

We understand that you spend days or even months putting together the best video – one that shows exactly what’s most important about the benefits of your products or services. MeBox takes it from just great video to quick links at the side, top or bottom of the video saying “Hey! Do you like this? Well click here and we’ll bring you right to the product you’re looking at!” or “Do you want more information? Well here’s everything you need to know in one convenient place!” Plus, when your customer wants to finish the video we’ll save their place.

We deliver unparalleled video experiences to the customers of some of the most demanding and innovative brands on earth. These brands have one goal – business results – and MeBox delivers business results better than any player on the planet; whether it be video for businesses, bloggers, or educators.

We do that by combining our rapid-deployment SEO feature with: tracking whose seeing your video, what people who watch your video are interested in, encouraging social sharing (and remember - its not just the video that gets shared - its the video and all those important links!), integrating with the best marketing automation systems - and supporting your existing metrics programs.  There is no way to make it easier for your customers to find, understand and purchase whatever product or service you’re MeBoxing it.  

The MeBox player is just one of the many innovations we use to help you increase your company's revenues. When you get serious about growing your business call or click here to schedule an Epiphany Lab. (The highest return on $5000 you can get doing something legal!)