What’s the Most Effective Process for Growing a Course Based Businesses?

If you:

  • are looking for the most effective process for growing your businesses,
  • are an authority in a specific area,
  • have expertise that others will want to learn from you, and
  • can or have created courses that make a distinct, measurable difference to those that participate in them –

Then read on to learn how you can achieve significant increases in revenues and profitability.

The Problem

The problem for most course-based companies is that you spend good money getting traffic to your website but it doesn't convert into sales.

You've discovered that conventional SEO and social marketing programs don't give a high enough return. You need to find a a process that pays for itself while helping more people find you, understand you, join your community and buy from you.

Introducing Relationship Pathfinding

Relationship Pathfinding is a proven process that pays for itself while helping more people find you, understand you, join your community and buy from you.

The process points out the most appealing ways to be helpful to those that are interested – and attracts them to join your sponsored community because they have decided that they like the way the community helps them achieve what they want to accomplish.

Here’s the process:


Get Noticed

Getting Noticed is all about attracting just enough interest (or mental energy) from your target to establish a connection that can be expanded into a relationship. While most new players and challengers understand generally who their customers are, few businesses understand the specifics of their target audience well enough to pinpoint an effective “get noticed” strategy and tactical implementation.

Our approach is to get a deep understanding of the target customers' priorities, how the your products and services fit into those priorities, and where the opinion leaders and key influencers are (physically or virtually) when those priorities are top of mind. We then build the “get noticed” sequence.

Once we have built the “get noticed sequence” we construct a network map of the market. We update that throughout the process - because that will become the basis for scaling the get noticed effort.


Connect to an Aspiration

Aligning how products and services solve the target customers' priorities - with how achieving those priorities connects to something bigger - a desire, hope, dream, or wish - is integral to identifying the language and crafting the story that connects a product or service directly to the target customers' aspirations. This is not about being clever or inauthentic - this is about doing the target market the service of fully defining how the offering supports their ambition and aligns with their values.

Our approach is to analyze the culture of the target market companies and identify their “wants”. Through this process we tease out the aspirations of the decision makers, decision influencers and decision implementers. We use those aspirations as baselines in the next step.


Be Understood

This part of the process weaves the aspirations and priorities of the target market together with the benefits of your carefully articulated product using a sequence of communication transactions that build your authority while educating the target audience about how their wants will be satisfied.

Our approach is to define the awareness, understanding and trust-building journey that will enlighten the target market as to how the offering fulfills their priorities and helps them achieve their aspiration. That process starts with fundamental truths, and then reasons up from there to your solution. Quite frankly, this is hard work. We map out the journey and build a sequence that includes the experiences, interpersonal interactions, systems and supporting materials you need in order to create a trust-centric process for building mutual understanding.


Earn Trust

Earning Trust happens as the prospects participate in the “be understood” dialogues. The demeanor of each encounter and look and feel of each experience must be honest, intuitive, empathetic and consistent. And most importantly, you don’t need to be perfect to earn trust. You earn trust by delivering meaningful information to your target customers — every time — in a positive, helpful, inviting manner.

Our approach to earning trust is grounded in mutual understanding and authenticity. To achieve that we vet all dialogues against these standards:

  • Consistently communicate positive emotions and energy.
  • Dialogues must project sound judgment, be educational and support your authority on the subject.
    • All communications center around the customers' aspirations, wants and needs.
  • Create an inviting, consistent look and feel.
  • Make sure all information is accurate and consistent.

Find Common Ground

We have a very specific definition of the phrase “Common Ground”: Common Ground is a positive, trust-based, mutually productive, connection that binds participants together for long-term, high velocity personal and business growth.

Finding Common Ground is an outgrowth of the previous 4 steps and culminates in your prospect recognizing the value the relationship with your company brings, and the appeal of joining the community.

Our approach to Find Common Ground means that:

  • Your prospect has become a customer.
  • Meaningful, high trust interactions are occurring - and your customer likes your products and services.
  • All communication has the customer's best interest at heart, is helpful and uses as many effective communication platforms as possible.
  • Customer feedback is welcomed. This includes suggestions on new services or products that will benefit them, as well as critiques of current offerings.
  • You and your business are transparent in your business dealings, which includes providing complete answers in response to queries and concerns.
  • The Customer is sharing his experience with others - and inviting them to “check it out” for themselves.

Grow The Community

Growing the Community is not about adding more customers. Its about being more effective at growing your relationship with your customers. The more valuable your relationship is to your customers, the more customers will be attracted to the community.

Our approach to Growing the Community involves a structured process for identifying and delivering escalating value to the community members. It includes bringing community members into contact with one another in a way and manner that unleashes their collective energy to improve themselves and each other. Key components of the process include:

  • Aspiration maps
  • Value Maps
  • Community Evolution Strategies and Tactics
Mebox Process Graphic-04

Do’s and Don't’s

The mistake that most companies make in implementing the Relationship Pathfinding process is that they start out focused on selling courses - not on building a community. Building a community is all about being helpful and earning the right to ask community members to buy products and services that you know will meet their wants and add value to their lives (collectively and as a community).

Another mistake - thinking you, as the community organizer, think that you know who the members of the community will be and what they want. Just because you are convinced your courses will have meaning doesn't automatically translate to what your potential users think!

Finally, remember Relationship Pathfinding is a process - so roll it out and manage it using process behaviors and disciplines. Said another way - there are no silver bullets - this is not event driven - it is step-by-step, methodical, continuous improvement.

Next Steps

The next step is to apply the Relationship Pathfinding process to your business! Download the 6 step handout, roll up your sleeves and go to it!